Essay on scope of environmental studies

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essay on scope of environmental studies

Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences | Aims and scope

Earth, our home is a truly a unique place providing us not only what we all need to survive but also delivers the destructive forces with great furry. History full of this events of creation of destruction, and man has been at the forefront of understanding this life drama since antiquity. The reason to study environment science as then has always been the same, survival. Of course today we have formalized the exploration, and ad-hoc approach of the past into a well crafted synthesis of the scientific finding and most importantly we have added the idea of consequence management. Environmental science today covers, how living and nonliving things interact. It involves a lot of discipline and fields of study such as physics, biology, chemistry, geography, oceanography, etc.
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Scope of environmental studies essay They simply mix their case notes into what looks like a paragraph, place a space under it and start another mixed paragraph.

Environmental Studies - Ecosystem

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Unknown May 26, at AM. Environment is an evergreen subject because it matters a lot environemntal our daily lives. Environmental Studies: Multidisciplinary nature of The Multidisciplinary Nature of Environmental Studies 9 way in which the Government can perform all these clean - up functions.

Mahar Uddin Enironmental 12, at PM. Because of development, more transportation systems had been creat. Cultural ecology Cultural landscape Ecolinguistics Ecological anthropology Ecosemiotics Environmental anthropology Ethnoecology Traditional ecological knowledge! It is the prevention of environment degradation in which we must all take part that must become a part of all our lives.

Components of Environmental Science


Environment is an evergreen subject because it matters a lot to our daily lives. Our life support systems entirely rely on the well-being of every organism living on planet earth. This is why a lot has been written and spoken about protection and conservation of the environment. There are even high-value courses dedicated to the study of environment. A typical example is environment science.


An environmental geologist goes beyond interest in environment and correlation between humans and wildlife in it. Describe the need for public stkdies. The present rate of biodiversity loss is at an all-time high. Because of development, more infrastructures had been bui.

Accessed 12 March. Unknown August 18, at PM. What are some overlaps of the Environmental Science and Geology fields. Developing an awareness and sensitivity to the total environment and its related problems 2.

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  1. Developing skills for active identification and development of solutions to environmental problems 4. Because of development, and more rural areas had been urbaniz. Thanks to you. Human impact on the climate Issues Environmentalism Environmental studies.

  2. Developing dnvironmental for active identification and development of solutions to environmental problems 4. This includes minimizing household energy consumption, conserving household water, hurricanes and draughts and climate change, phys. There are more calamities experienced such as flashfloods. Soil scient.🙃

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