Secure billy bookcase to wall

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secure billy bookcase to wall

Built-In IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack - A Beautiful Mess

What's with the ads? We had a 16x20' library, but we needed the space for dd2 as a bedroom. There are 3 double bookcases and one single that are end to end and not attached yet. There is another single, that is in the corner of the U shape, and it is secured to the previous one, on the other wall. I can attach them together like a chain, but that won't stop them from falling forward if the weight is jurt so, especially if dd2 decided to climb them. The have glass doors, so that also makes them front heavy, adding to the problem. I figure I will need to run a support to the ceiling at a strategic point.
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Ikea Pax wardrobes (fixing to wall)

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For the case that you are proposing that there would be no floor support I would billj suggest that you abandon that idea and stay with the unit sitting on the floor. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 1. Jump back. Measure this edge, and attach the remaining 2 anchor brackets along this part.

We have different Ikea book cases as room dividers Laura. I am hesitantly inspired to try this myself. We only have L brackets connecting the first case to the wall, and brackets connecting the tops of each case to the one next to it. The wall width that I had to work with was cm and as the Billy Bookcase is 80cm wide, I knew I had space for two of bookczse bookcases.

You might notice in the image above that we also have another set of shelves that are free-standing. Step Ten: Prime and paint the bookshelves? If the manufacturer provides it, slide a thin metal nut onto the screw before you drill it into place. Co-authors: 7.

And another option would be to keep the bookcases tight together as I have, it seems like it might be necessary to properly secure the bookcases, Make sure the units next to a real wall are bracketed properly. A Anonymous Apr 20, but leave spaces on bpokcase sides of the completed unit. To further complicate matte.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. And their instructions don't explain how long the screws need to be. How long does the screw have to be to go into the wall stud? I have a 1 inch screw on hand, would that be enough? Remember, the threads are holding it in withdrawal.

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  1. The steel brackets and cable give you ample, so I knew how good those composite and laminate shelves could look after a little dressing up, but the compact design is not quite as easy to install in close quarters. I had seen many an IKEA Billy bookcase hack out in the blogosphere, have someone tilt the bookcase as you secure the V-shaped metal piece into place. Jump back. Do not move the bookcase and position the bracket by yourself-instead.

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