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charles and ray eames book

21 Books About Charles and Ray Eames | Designers & Books

Most of the inclusions come from professional star-gazers, space agencies and astronauts, but the American designer, architect and filmmaker Charles Eames — who was born today, June 17 in , also features in the book. For a long time, the regular course of the stars and planets led many of the brightest minds on earth to assume celestial objects were locked, alongside earth, in a stable universe. However, in the 20th century, physicists such as Albert Einstein and astronomers such as Edwin Hubble, discarded this model with its implied constancy, and instead recognized the cosmos as expanding and unstable. This new sense of cosmic uncertainty came at a bad time. The application of atomic science in a destructive capacity became the backdrop of the post-war division between the Western and Soviet powers.
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Powers of Ten™ (1977)

A world in print: the Eames celebration continues with a new illustrative book

Kirkham looks at the films in the context of an avant-garde tradition and in an industrial film-making tradition and takes up their role in popularizing the computer. Important early document of the partnership that eventually spawned the much-loved designs for Herman Miller and Knoll. Previously unpublished materials appear alongside eamew writings by and about the Eameses and their work, lending new insight into their creative process. Your shoppingcart is empty.

Significant examples of California design and craft objects are featured in more than illustrations and rare photographs. Charles Eames - and Ray Kaiser Eames - were a creative couple renown for their furniture design and architecture, in a stable universe, photography? For a long. Sign in Subscribe.

Charles Ormond Eames, Jr. They also worked in the fields of industrial and graphic design , fine art , and film. Charles was the public face of the Eames Office, but Ray and Charles worked together as creative partners and employed a diverse creative staff.
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Our updated list of books from our designers and contributors that include American modern industrial designers Charles —78 and Ray —88 Eames. From the Publisher. This anthology brings together seminal articles from one of America's most distinguished architecture magazines, copies of which are now extremely difficult to locate. It also embodied the highest standard of graphic design attained by an American art magazine of its time, employing the talents of such designers as Alvin Lustig, Herbert Mattes, and John Follis. It brings together articles from the years through , publishing them exactly as they appeared.

This very intimate and loving tribute to the Eameses includes personal letters, making this book the definitive Eames monograph, its all here - the work of artists who have shaped and recreated charels modern world with a dizzying variety of materials, which builds into a complete picture of contemporary living. Amazon Payment Products. Urban Design Designers Commentators Books. From furniture to graphics. An A-Z of designers and design schools.

Charles and Ray Eames, perhaps the most famous design partnership of twentieth-century America, did pioneering work in furniture, film, architecture, and exhibition design. Out of respect for Charles's wishes, no book on them was published during their lifetime. Now Pat Kirkham interprets their work in depth, probing the lives behind the designs and the nature of the collaboration. In researching this major work, Kirkham had full access to the Eames archive and cooperation from the Eameses' clients and associates. The result is a richly detailed study of these remarkable designers and of their work from to , including a substantial reevaluation of Ray's role. There is much here that will be new to readers who may be broadly familiar with the Eameses' work, particularly in the recounting of their early careers and in the examination of their multimedia presentations, exhibitions, and films.


Read more. The book is based on an exhibition conceived and assembled for International Business Machines Corporation. Exhibition catalogue of the best of American postwar modern design c. Our updated list of books from our designers and contributors that include American modern industrial designers Charles -78 and Ray -88 Eames.

The Eameses brought a sense of humor and joy to everything they created, and the design and layout of fay book aims to convey that spirit in a visual feast for the eyes. Yet these pages actually display more true history bolk relation to the computer than many more conventional presentations of the development of science and technology. Distribution rights Imprint Privacy Policy. The Eames Office continues its work in educating and advocating for the legacy of the Eameses, which includes occasionally releasing previously un-produced Eames designs.

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  1. While I was pleased to see the Book Review allot so much space to a book on the Eameses' work, I was greatly distressed to read that same review, in which Paul Shepheard offers a benign, largely favorable opinion of "Charles and Ray Eames: Designers of the Twentieth Century," by Pat Kirkham Aug. Shepheard seems to overlook the flawed basis of the book in his review: Ms. 🎅

  2. Charles Eames, born in St. Louis, Missouri, studied architecture at Washington University in St. Louis and designed a number of houses and churches in collaboration with various partners. 👩‍🔧

  3. In researching this work, Kirkham had full access to the Eames archive and co-operation from the Eame's clients and associates. It was the encounter with their work that spurred the company's beginnings as a furniture chrles. Great book - great artists? It will become an indispensable resource for all those interested in modern design.

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