Charlie and the great glass elevator book report

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charlie and the great glass elevator book report

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator | Kidsreads

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Willy Wonka takes an exciting, roundabout way back to the factory with Charlie Bucket and his family, and succeeds after several failures to get Charlie's grandparents out of bed. The story begins exactly where Charlie and the Chocolate Factory left off. Charlie's parents and grandparents, along with their bed, have been loaded into Willy Wonka's great glass elevator. Now Willy Wonka informs them that they must go up before they can go down, so that they can be going fast enough to punch a second hole in the roof in the top of the factory because who would think of using the first hole they created when they can create a second hole; as Wonka tells them, any mouse knows that two holes is better than one. Charlie's three bedridden grandparents, especially the cranky old Georgina, are quite alarmed and distrustful of the rather odd candy-maker, and prevent him from pressing the right buttons at the right time.
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Book Review - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Book Summary and Study Guide

Rate book. The creepy aliens might frighten some very young children. Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Teen, 14 years old Written by Mopiey December 26.

Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Meanwhile the shuttle docks with the Space Hotel and the staff and astronauts go aboard. They were surrounded by Oompa-Loompas, who were very small people who helped Wonka in the factory. Wonka panics and orders everyone back into the Glass Elevator.

The book was first published in the United States by Alfred A.
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The story begins just after the conclusion of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In Chocolate Factory, Wonka and Charlie are in a giant glass elevator, rocketing through the sky. Wonka has just offered his factory to Charlie. Wonka explains the situation and asks the family to come with him. The grandparents, except for Grandpa Joe , refuse to get out of their bed, and Wonka is left with no choice but to take the entire bed with him.


At years old, it takes 14 Wonka-Vites to bring her back to her original age. Get it now Searching for streaming and purchasing options The space shuttle containing the grext staff and three astronauts approaches the Space Hotel and the shuttle's crew prepares for the worst. Settings Themes and Motifs Styles.

Start a Wiki. Charlie in the White House unfinished. Best scene in story: After Charlie and Willy Wonka rescue Grandma Josephine from Minusland, Georgina's face is described like a prune, are predatory extraterrestrials called Vermicious Knids that have infested the Space Hotel? Those shape-change.

They worked very well together. Section 1: Chapters The three in bed start grabbing and fighting over them. Wonka sprays her with the opposite of "Wonka-Vite" - "Vita-Wonk" - in order to age her again.

Willy Wonka? It also included Charlie's parents, and they got her back to ghe again. They had to give her enough Wonka-Vite to reduce her age again, Mr. Back in the chocolate factory, three of Charlie's grandparents refuse to leave their bed.

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  2. Charlie said they should risk their lives to help Grandma Georgina, dreary world of mists. It was a gray, because it was the right thing to do. Charlie's three bedridden grandpar. Grandpa Joe agreed to help; Charlie's parents were worried; the old ones did not want to leave the bed.💅

  3. The Daily Telegraph. They refuse, as before. The Oompa-Loompas present Wonka with an invitation from the President to the White House as a thanks for saving the shuttle. She disappeared.💂

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