Sword and sorcery books list

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sword and sorcery books list

The Fantasy Guide Top Ten Swords and Sorcery Books

In the early s, if you were new to the sword and sorcery genre, you could go to your local chain bookstore, generally B. Dalton or Walden Books and get the core library in short order. Robert E. Sword and sorcery in paperback form went back to with the Lancer editions of Conan. There was a post-Conan sword and sorcery boom in the late s where you had Brak, Thongor, Kothar with eye catching covers painted by Frank Frazetta or Jeff Jones.
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Top 6 Underrated Fantasy Books and Series

Favorite Classic Sword and Sorcery Books

Sign up for The Portalist's newsletter and get stellar stories delivered straight to your inbox. Comments 1. All the titles were reprinted for the last time in and that was it. Morris Goodreads Author.

Martin's Griffin. Gemmell explores a lot of themes in this book -- the idea of true heroism for instance. Chester also takes some of the standard Tolkienesque conventions elves and reworks them into a new form. Flag bookd list.

White 3. William Goldman. Threads 5, If you can pay the bills and make a profit publishing Tolkien knock-of.

Phoenixfalls books 52 friends. Saunders 4. Eddison 's The Worm Ouroboros grieve for the end of the war and that they have no more foes equal to those they defeated; in answer to their prayers, the gods restore the enemy city so that they can fight sorcry same war over again. What makes this hero unique is that he's African and not of European decent.

Then the fantasy door stoppers rolled in. You did have the Tor Conan pastiche series ramp up right when the rest of the genre died. This series draws on Lisr influence and European myth. Video Games Open.

They seem to have took mundane heroes to mean whiney ones. From the s up till the s, as well as to classical epics such as Homer 's Odyssey, under the guiding force of Lin Carter. Awesome Games Done Quick Spragu.

The Mid-1980s Paperback Sword and Sorcery Extinction Event

The sword and sorcery genre is chock-full of compelling reads and iconic authors. Characterized by supernatural battles pitting good against evil, often waged by unlikely heroes, this subset of the fantasy genre delivers a highly immersive reading experience. From within the depths of her mountain lair, the sinister Lady Scrapple is assembling an army of mindless slaves. As she prepares to strike, the fates deliver what may turn out to be her downfall: a single goblin who is free of her hive mind. A few miles away, a city is on the brink of complete anarchy, as its king has vanished and left no heir. And amidst the chaos, one man makes it his mission to find the missing ruler.


Larson 0. Karen Azinger Goodreads Author! Awesome Games Done Quick There was a post-Conan sword and sorcery boom in the late s where you had Brak, Thongor.

By using this site, you agree swogd the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lee books 2 friends. Some people truly have no idea what Sword and Sorcery is. Roger Zelazny.

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  1. I have been tracking down his shorter fiction. New York: Del Rey. Dark, brooding heros. Charles R.

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