Writing and publishing a book in nigeria

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writing and publishing a book in nigeria


I spoke to their managing editor, Enajite Efemuaye about her very cool job, how she got there, her work in training editors, and book publishing in Nigeria. She also shared advice for writers in Nigeria looking to improve their craft and build a sustainable career. I read for a living. Most people know us by our literary imprint, Farafina. I work with a team of editors, graphic artists, illustrators and sometimes photographers and translators. I also work with writers, agents, and other publishers.
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Publish a Book on Amazon - How to Self-Publish Step-by-Step

Get it here. I have published two books on Amazon Kindle Store in the past as a Nigerian, but I'm no longer enthusiastic about publishing on the platform anytime soon — until things get right.

How to publish a book in Nigeria

Do you want to publish your book on Amazon Kindle. Do you intend to sell online. There are some people God put on this earth to be editors! Pls can you send your contact.

Just before you start searching for a Printing Press, it is time to create a skeleton for your book that should be boook firm base! Notify me of new comments via email! When you have figured out the basic details, another step that our bureaucratic society has made necessary is acquiring an ISBN code. Thank you for this.

Oh yes, you should friend. Let me take a moment to explain something here. I honestly cannot predict the future of the industry. To put it more succinctly, you will read it a year after and you will see what you could have changed.

Meanwhile, I still want to market just one of my books in Amazon. A clog off the wheel of writers… Thanks so much. Connect with Jite on Twitter! So Kindle is out.

My name is Mr Buks Like Like. After printing has been done, make sure your book is available for purchase from a multitude of big-name retailers. Close Log In. I tracked her down, bought her .

They will prefer fewer words on a page, thanks. You can only use bank transfer if you have an account in a select number of countries - excluding Nigeria. Really helpful, written with easy-to-understand English and in shorter sentences. Search Google publshing useful material online to help you get started.

Create a clear concept for your.
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Nigerian writers find creative ways to sell their books

This is a story I had wanted to tell a long while ago, but events after my first book publication since has hindered it. I even tried to tell it at my book launch, but the book review had usurped the time for that. I have been able to tell it to a handful of friends though. And they have been able to publish their books as easy as the sun melts snow. I have always believed, and I still firmly believe that Art is the glue that holds every civilisation together.

Warm regards. Infact, I will rejoice. About marketing your books on your blogs and social media, you have to first of all concentrate on building an audience and forming a relationship with them through these media. Will anyone want to read it! Thanks in anticipation nigerria your answers.

Don't be realistic about your expectations. Writing should be a hobby. The prospect should be fun and not a chore. Being published is not all there is to realm of writing and enjoying what you're doing! Please also note that if you're under 18, publishers tend not to bother with all the legal hassle. Since you are not of age to sign the contract, and need parental consent, this brings further problems, and publishers tend to avoid young authors for that reason. This being said, it's still a good thing to try anyway.


Thank you for this. Hello Ayobami, I have simplified book publishing for the Nigerian audience? One, organise the book launch and market it, How would you want me to help. In this article.

It will help you focus on the story. Your post really means a lot to me. Really in-depth knowledge shared. Thank you for this.

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