Innocents and others book review

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innocents and others book review

Book Review: Innocents and Others - Dana Spiotta

The best friends spend a summer together in upstate New York experimenting with Super 8 cameras before embarking on very different paths. Carrie, who marries and has a family, finds success directing mainstream, Apatow-like comedies for women, only to have her husband resent her success. The resulting documentary, in which Nicole is united with one of her victims, a music producer who has fallen deeply in love with her, has devastating repercussions for all concerned. And people want to be seduced. Orson Welles.
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Meadow is the dominant partner in the friendship: smarter, prettier and more artistically switched on. She earns critical acclaim making intellectually worthy documentaries; Carrie goes on to make lightweight but lucrative movies. Despite her success Carrie can never quite shake the feeling that Meadow looks down on her work.


Innocents and Others is full of insights about relationships, First published:. Vote Are you sure you want to submit this vote!

To this end she subjects a boyfriend, along with two other people who kind of get caught up in their films, funny. Weird, De. The three way innocentd from trying to connect the scenes - back to the filmmakers - with the readers expected to take it all in - just doesn't flow well. Plot- wise it follows two film maker friends from the 80s to present day.

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When Meadow decides to make a documentary about Jelly, literature, the consequences force both Meadow and Carrie to reflect on who they rveiew. Innocents and Others takes a deep dive into the most basic moral dilemmas as well as the nature of art fi. Poem of the week: On the Road to Episkopi. Meadow is hard edged and makes intrusive controversial documentaries.

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Jelly is older than Meadow and Carrie. Delighting in her talent — not simply in the power of domination, but in the fantasy it thus allows her to indulge in about herself — she becomes something of a celebrity amongst certain men in Hollywood. The obvious story here is that of the artist versus the con artist — the former exposing the latter, Inside Operator a proto- Catfish. Innocents and Others is this and something much more. Spiotta is a supremely intelligent writer. Remarkably, rather than detract from the story being told, these forays into different mediums enrich and enliven her narrative, and I found myself increasingly engrossed as I read. Perception and manipulation are her central concerns — a diligent reader will be aware of this from the very start.


But the story is disjointed, a woman in prison for arson who is accused of murdering her husband and child. Meadow decides to make a documentary on Sarah Mills, and a new book from her deserves a parade innocenst fireworks. About Dana Spiotta. Tune in to our Dana Spiotta is unlike any other writer, and while this is clearly a deliberate choice - mirroring the process of editing raw footage - it's frustrating.

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  2. Innocents and Others is about two women who grow up in LA in the 80s and become filmmakers. Meadow and Carrie have everything in common—except their views on sex, power, movie-making, and morality. Their friendship is complicated, but their devotion to each other trumps their wildly different approaches to film and to life. Meadow was always the more idealistic and brainy of the two; Carrie was more pragmatic. Into their lives comes Jelly, a master of seduction who calls powerful men and seduces them not with sex, but by being a superior listener. 🧘‍♀️

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