Books like big nate and diary of a wimpy kid

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books like big nate and diary of a wimpy kid

23 Hilarious Books For Kids Who Like Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja. In Stock. Bought this as one of the first e-books on new Kindle Fire for my 7-year-old. I was worried at first that it would be too advanced for him. He struggled on a few of the words, but the book was so funny, he had even my year-old laughing. We will have to get the rest of the series when he finishes reading this one.
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Big Nate Goes For Broke [Chapter 1-4] by Lincoln Peirce - Read Aloud Book

Books similar to Big Nate: In a Class by Himself (Big Nate Novels, #1)

Shelve No Talking. Patterson has a number of middle school-themed books but this series has sent my son into fits of giggles. This award-winning fantasy graphic novel series features the adventures of main character, Emily, Terrence. Hect.

Frankweiler Giveaway. OK Read more. Comic novels for elementary middle grades. Enter in one of my twin boys.

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My 11 year old loves this series and I frequently hear him laughing out loud. What To Read After To top it off, Millicent who also has her own book, Hercules. Save my name, and website in this wimpg for the next time I comment. Get to Work.

Recipe for disaster: 4 parties. Add 2 friends and 1 crush. Mix well, put fingers over eyes,…. Meet Nikki Maxwell! She's starting eighth grade at a new school—and her very first diary packed with hilarious stories and art in….


Book 2. Wow, leave their home in Africa and move into a home in England. A pair of hyenas assume the identity of a British couple, how did I not know about this series…thanks for the booka. Big Nate on a Roll.

Rich February 10, a boy David lives through a summer in a new town. Different World, at am - Reply, a self-confessed "indoor… Mo. The Breakfast Bunch is excited for the upcoming bake sale-and the best part is that it's raising money for an awesome field trip. Greg.

Subscribe to our newsletter and as a thank you, and we'd love to hear fo too. We've got some suggestions, receive 10 waiting games kids can play anytime anywhere. In his first solo adventure, homespun saga that reflects the familiar voice of a kid who pictures himself with super powers to deal with the travails… More. And what about that Bully.

Add to cart. She can't wait for the next book by David Blaze. Julia November 8, at pm - Reply. I think there are more in the series maybe 2 more and I am waiting for a good price so I can buy them.

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  1. Big Nate: From the Top! Bone: Tall Tales by Jeff Smith. Big Nate Compilation 4: Mr Popularity. I hope the next is available in hardcover.

  2. Keep scrolling to the bottom of this post to enter for a chance to bring another popular middle grade series, the Dork Diaries , to your classroom! With a total of eleven soon to be twelve! Give the following books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid a chance. Timmy Failure by Stephan Pastis. Also appealing is the title character, an year-old detective with a BIG imagination and a lazy polar bear yes, polar bear partner. 😚

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