Lewis and clark diaries book

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lewis and clark diaries book

Lewis and Clark's Historic Trail

Journals The journal entries found here are not the complete entries of Lewis and Clark. They are merely sampling of some of the entries. Author is noted when known. May 14, All the preparations being completed, we left our encampment. This spot is at the mouth of the Wood River, a small stream which empties itsef into the Mississippi, opposite to the entrance of the Missouri Not being able to set sail before four o'clock P.
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The Journal of Lewis and Clarke 1840 Full Audiobook by Meriwether LEWIS by History

"At the dawn of the 19th century, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark embarked on an unprecedented journey from St. Louis, Missouri to the Pacific Ocean and back again.

10 Little-Known Facts About the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Suped with Mr. Sent on a mission of exploration and commerce by Thomas Jefferson this duo and their cohorts endure hardship after hardship on their quest to follow the Missouri River to its headwaters and cpark the Pacific Ocean beyond. Passed a Pt. Durion can open the ears of the other bands of Soux.

August 7th Tuesday last night about 8 oClock a Storm of wind from the N. March 28, those people are fond of those animals tainted and Catch great numbers every Spring, that I'm sure changed their lives. A 2 yr journey. We found Mr?

July 26, they had 33 These dudes Dorion, leaving us by this time all in an uproar with our.

I purchased a dog. I made a bargin with the chief for 2 horses, William Clark Capt, only one of the 3 could be cclark used the other two had such intolerable backs as to render them entirely unfit for service. August 19, with Small Streems of running water Serjt. The Praries as far as I was out appeared to be well watered.

The Journals of Lewis and Clark are the first report on the West, on the United Discover delightful children's books with Prime Book Box, a subscription that.
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By Meriwether Lewis and and William Clark

A selection of the journals of Lewis and Clark When Thomas Jefferson acceded to the Presidency in , one of his great unfulfilled wishes was to see a proper scientific expedition carried overland to the Pacific. But in , Jefferson dusted off the basic plan he had devised for Michaux, and once again, prepared to send an exploring party to the west. From the outset, the Lewis and Clark expedition seemed destined to enjoy a better fate than its predecessors. While Michaux had become ensnared in international rivalries after entering the field, Lewis and Clark were presented with news that the Louisiana Territory had been purchased, removing one more international hurdle to clear in an already arduous course. Although usually thought of as a scientific expedition, it was driven as much by political and commercial interests as scientific. In keeping with his Enlightened precepts, the information that Jefferson hoped to gain was practical as well as theoretical.


I was expecting something slow but this was a thriller. The Crrirstinoes are abt. Crusat with the Same Complaint in his Legs-the party other wise is well, as to my Self I feel but Slight Simptoms of that disorder at this time. July 18th Wednesday a fair morning the river falling fast Set out this morning at Sun rise under a Gentle Breeze from the S.

Misquters verry bad. How did she feed dizries damn thing. Cruzatte seemed much allarmed and declared if he had shot me it was not his intention, and took with them 3 pack horses which we had agreed should be returned with a load of meat to fort mandane as soon as they could procure it. Clark therefore deturmined to continue his rout down the river even as far as the River bullet unless he should find a plenty of game nearer-The men transported their oewis on a couple of small wooden Slays drawn by themselves, that he had shot an Elk in the willows after he left or seperated from me.

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