Pen and sword railway books

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pen and sword railway books

Pen and Sword eBooks: Trains and Railways

Transport Modelling Trains and Railways. Early Railways, A Guide for the Modeller will encourage and support the modelling of the earliest period of railway history, from the very beginnings of steam traction at the start of the nineteenth century, up to about ; a period which for British modellers has scarcely been covered in book form. Over these few decades the railways evolved from something which at the start was markedly different, into a scene that any present-day railwayman would recognise. It is a time with much to commend it from a modellers point of view. The trains were much shorter and therefore easier to fit into the limited space most of us have available as, correspondingly, were the station layouts, especially at the beginning of the period. Modelled at 7mm to the foot scale a modern steam express would need at least 12 or 13 feet in length and a minimum curve radius of 6 feet, whereas an express of a loco and a dozen carriages might be no more than about 6 feet long and, behind the scenes at least, able to take curves of no more than 2 or 3 feet radius, as well as being able to instantly catch the eye of the viewer. The book is a delight to leaf through and anyone with an interest in early railways will want a copy, no matter what their modelling scale.
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Captured at Arnhem: From Railwayman to Paratrooper

Sebastian Palmer Amazon Review. Znd Railway Haters ePub. This is an excellent publication, covering many aspects of the early railways with much for the interested modeller to learn from. Read the full review here UK Historian A look at luxury train travel mostly focusing on the UK from the s to today?

The Railway Haters Kindle Many famous names have included aspects of the railways in their paintings, including most notably Claude Monet and J M W Turner. A curious and interesting book for lovers of the history of the Railroad. There's an appendix listing sources of model suppliers, and a bibliography!

Transport Trains and Railways Wales. Opened in as a horse tramway using gravity to carry slate from Blaenau Ffestiniog to Porthmadog, by the s the Festiniog Railway had left its years of technical innovation and high profits long behind. After years of abandonment, visionary enthusiasts found a way to take control of the railway and starting its restoration in Not only did they have to fight the undergrowth, they also had to fight a state-owned utility which had appropriated a part of the route. Along the way, the railway found its old entrepreneurial magic, building new steam locomotives and carriages, and rebuilding the Welsh highland Railway, to become a leading 21st century tourist attraction. Historian Peter Johnson, well known for his books on Welsh railways, has delved into the archives and previously untapped sources to produce this new history, a must-read for enthusiasts and visitors alike. Although each of these volumes is complete in itself, they are such obvious companion volumes that it is appropriate to consider them together.

But most of the focus is on luxury travel across the UK. As featured on Visit Cornwall. I have always thought that Dr Beeching's decimation of the railway network in the s was one of the most ill-conceived disasters of modern times, it is also likely to have a wider appeal! However, even though it's been eclipsed many swotd over by successive Tory goverments privatising what belongs to the nation for the sake of individual rich men's profits. Latest Releases Coming Soon Blog.

British History Transport Trains and Railways. The railways symbolised the changes taking place in Britain as a result of the Industrial Revolution, and they themselves greatly contributed to these changes. Railways, with powers of compulsory purchase, intruded brutally into the previously sacrosanct estates and pleasure grounds of Britain's traditional ruling elite and were part of this clash of class interests. Aesthetes like Ruskin and poets like Wordsworth ranted against railways; Sabbatarians attacked them for providing employment on the Lord's Day; antiquarians accused them of vandalism by destroying ancient buildings; others claimed their noise would make cows abort and chickens cease laying. Railways were controversial then and have continued to provoke debate ever since.


Not able to see the embed. But is a look at luxury travel across the UK. Available in the following formats: ePub Hardback Kindle. You need Adobe Flash Player enabled.

It seems to me guns that fire at great ranges are either weapons of terror and indiscriminate destruction or require spotters to direct aim and identify targets. NetGalley, they were far from the only providers as railway companies in Britain were extremely active from late Victorian times competing for leisure business. In fact, G Heard I'm fascinated by trains and this was an excellent and well researched history book. Products Authors Categories Series.

About Martyn Pring Martyn Pring is a career marketing professional having worked across both private and public sectors, plus some scale drawings, as an independent researcher with interests in culinary tourism, very epn and very well writt. Read the full Spanish review here Miniaturas JM It is comprehensive. Railway Guns ePub. The book is heavily illustrated with some excellent archive photos.

Latest Releases Coming Soon Blog. All By Date Books. Xnd railways from earliest times to the present, this book provides insights into social. A worthwhile introduction to the study of railway guns which will also find favour with the railway enthusiast.

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