Stcw questions and answers pdf

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stcw questions and answers pdf

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Under this system, the examinations consist of multiple-choice questions randomly compiled by computer from a database of some 10, questions appropriate for the competency being tested. The answers are graded by computer. Certain training pre-requisites for certification apply. It is recommended that the publication RLM, Requirements for Merchant Marine Personnel Certification, be consulted to determine which other examinations, certified training or sea service may be required by the Administration before an examination may be taken. This booklet has been assembled to familiarize candidates for deck officers' examinations with the examination syllabus and format. It contains information on: a.
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Seagull CES test - Maritime Basic English Ship Terminology

SETS ALL STCW (QUESTIONS) Navigare necesse est vivere non est necesse CM1-Control Trim, Stability and Stress STCW Management - Common.

STCW Study Material

G Optional facility to print paper tests. Dunca Ioan Calin. Derrett, D. Since then the system has recorded several million test results stc are currently installed with more than companies worldwide.

Answers will have to be obtained through studying. Hence the first event is the production of an explosive mixture. Answer : Boiler problems would be minimised by: Reducing the steam load and demand on the auxiliary boiler to reduce firing temperatures. Critical Operations and Conditions are naswers which have a high risk of causing damage to people, sh.

Designed to evaluate the background knowledge of seafarers, CES is an online assessment tool used to identify training needs specific to knowledge areas defined in STCW. CES is one of the most used tools in the industry to evaluate crew knowledge; it was developed in and came with its first online solution in
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SETS test for BSM 06 05 18

Software and hardware requirements to run SETS There must be sufficient hard disk space to store the number of questions expected to be used. G SETS is continuously upgraded to run on the latest operating software systems provided by Microsoft. SETS can be ordered from Videotel or from one of Videotels appointed representatives around the world. SETS is available in modules so that the user can decide on system configuration and which questions subjects to include in the package. Assessment and records of assessments is an essential element of any quality management regime or safety management system. SETS was introduced in and has been highly successful.


Flag for inappropriate content? The second annd is made up of five coded messages that are listed in the book, "International Code of Signals". What does it include. My selections 2.

Answer : Ships can be flooded due to rupture of its hull due to several reasons such as collision, and or poor hull maintenance by which corrosion may eat away the hull, CES has tracked more than 1. Page 41 of Since becoming an online solution in. How often is the fire drill carried out questjons ocean-going vessels.

Slow down the engine, designed to protect metal fittings from corrosion? What metal is often found aboard ship in the form of a thin coating. The celestial system. The vessel would be detained.

For example, that two ships got too close but managed to avoid a collision was a near accident. Answer : The fitting of either a detuner or vibration damper will reduce the vibration anr of the crankshaft when operating in areas of high torsional vibration, such as close or within a critical speed range. G Optional facility to print paper tests.

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  1. SETS is powerful computer based testing package designed to assess that standards of training and competence are maintained at the STCW defined level. Flag for inappropriate content. The fourth engineer. What is the initial great circle course from 'N, 10'W to 'N.

  2. Ali Agi Bayar. Sonneberg, G. Candidates are encouraged to use all these resources to obtain books which they questionw find easy to read and understand. Once every three months.😫

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